It is almost one year that coronavirus has first emerged as a deadly pathogen and spread to all parts of the world. Most countries are experiencing the second wave of coronavirus right now, and thousands of cases are being reported every day. This whole appearance of a novel virus, declaration of a pandemic, lockdowns, isolation, and social distancing have affected people’s mental health, leaving them in stress, depression, and anxiety. They are bound to use Anti-Anxiety Drugs to overcome pandemic stress, which has drastically increased the sales of benzodiazepines, which are the most famous stress-relieving medicines.

Not just the medicine sales and prescriptions, but health experts also confirm that the coronavirus pandemic is negatively affecting people’s well-being. Earlier this year, Express Scripts published a report revealing the increase in antidepressant prescriptions. This increase was recorded as 34% during this pandemic. The highest increase was recorded during March and April, where anti-anxiety medicines’ prescriptions surpassed insomnia medicines and anti-depressants.


Pandemic stress is real

It is indeed a difficult time for everyone, and while the world is going through a pandemic, the reason to take care of your physical and mental health is even more critical. During the first wave of coronavirus, many countries imposed partial or complete lockdown, restricting people from moving freely and meeting their loved ones. The staying at home, restrictions to go out, and the fear of unknown increased anxiety in the areas which reported high infection rates. Those who are infected are fearing for the outcomes, while others who are still safe can’t stop thinking about what to do to be safe.

This constant fear of some unknowing thing to happen is a typical symptom of anxiety, which, if ignored, can lead to a disorder. For all these pandemic-ridden people, the uncertainty of what will happen to them and when would the pandemic end is the most challenging thing to manage. Using anti-anxiety drugs (benzos) such as Xanax and valium only helps to get over the anxiety symptom, and it doesn’t help with the COVID-19 directly. With these prescriptions, they can Buy Xanax Online, the best way to purchase all medicines while avoiding social interaction.


Increase in anti-anxiety prescriptions confirmed

In 2019, the prescriptions for different anti-anxiety medicines, for example, Ativan and Xanax, increased from 8.8 million to 9.7 million this year. The Wall Street Journal reported the data obtained from IQVIA to explain how the prescriptions for different anxiety medicines increased during the pandemic. According to the experts, there are so many things to worry about, let alone the virus. People are worried about their jobs, availability of food, meeting their loved ones, and whatnot. Even those people who never had a history of anxiety or depression have fallen victim.


Benefits of using Xanax

Xanax is a powerful medicine that relieves anxiety and panic disorders. For a person who is finding it hard to manage the pandemic’s stress, using Xanax for a short time can be beneficial. When a user consumed a Xanax pill, it binds to the GABA-A receptor inside his brain and induces a calming effect. It is a fast-acting medicine that starts showing results within one hour of consuming it. Public health bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), NHS UK, and World Health Organization (WHO) advise avoiding going outside unnecessarily. That leaves the only way to get anxiety drugs is to buy Xanax online from a reputed pharmacy.


What will Xanax do?

Even if someone follows the standard precautions, not meeting the people you love, isolated at home, and loneliness can be extremely stressful. The only way to get over this pandemic stress is by following a healthy way to reduce the severity of these symptoms. Typically, you are under stress if any of the following is happening to you.

Loss of interest in eating or sleeping

Inability to sleep at night

Headache, body pains, and migraines

Increased time in front of the TV

Feeling worthless, alone, and insignificant

Drinking alcohol and smoking excessively

Fortunately, if you Buy Xanax 2mg after consulting a doctor and use it as per his instructions, all of these symptoms gradually vanish independently.


Who is at risk?

Usually, every person responds to stress differently. Not everyone is worried about contracting the virus. Some people are concerned about the vaccine’s unavailability, not meeting their friends, not going out for parties, etc. some people are more likely to get COVID-19 anxiety the prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs. These high-risk people who buy Xanax 2mg to overcome stress include the following.

  • People with underlying medical conditions
  • Children and older adults
  • People living in the health sector and food sector
  • People with disabilities
  • Minority groups/ ethnic groups
  • People with certain mental disorders
  • Homeless people
  • People who lost their jobs


Without good news about a vaccine or medicine to kill coronavirus, it doesn’t seem like this pandemic-related stress would end anytime soon. However, all Xanax users should ensure responsible usage of it to avoid undesirable effects, whether the pandemic continues or not.

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