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May 3, 2018
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Xanax 1 mg

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Xanax 1mg

Alprazolam is the generic name for brand name Xanax which is a benzodiazepine. Alprazolam effect on the chemicals in the brain like GABA whose unbalance in people is the major cause of anxiety. Xanax is used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders and depression which is caused by anxiety.

Origin of Xanax 1mg

Xanax was developed by Upjohn Laboratories of Kalamazoo, Michigan in the late 1960s. The main purpose for its creation was as a sleeping aid which relaxes muscles. Upjohn realized that it is highly effectiveness towards anxiety and panic disorders and mood disorders too. During the time of its creation when Xanax was being tested in laboratories other antidepressants drugs were on the market but they were harsher than Xanax. Upjohn presented Xanax to the FDA as an antidepressant and it was run through 50 double-blind studies. Those studies proved that alprazolam was better drug against anxiety than other toxic drugs in the market. The Upjohn Company was granted a United States patent for Xanax in 1969. Xanax after few years in 1981 was released in markets.

Dosage and usage of Xanax 1mg

By the early 1990s, Xanax had become one of the only drugs prescribed for anxiety and panic disorders.  Before taking Xanax it is necessary to read Medication Guide to fully acknowledge yourself about Xanax 1mg. Take this medication by mouth based on the advice of your doctor. The dosage of Xanax is based upon the medical condition, your present health, age and how your body response towards it. It is important to follow the advice of your doctor. If you suddenly stop your medication than it can lead you to seizure so it is advised to reach out to your doctor when you want to stop your medication. Doctors in these cases decrease the medication to avoid withdrawal reactions.

Precautionary measures

It is important to take precautionary measures before taking Xanax. It is necessary to let your doctor know about your medical history, especially if you have a severe breathing problem or liver disease. It is important to tell your doctor if you are allergic to alprazolam. This drug can make you dizzy or drowsy so it is important to avoid alcoholic beverages. Older adults are more sensitive to side effects, one of the side effects is a loss of coordination. If you have missed the dose take it as soon as possible; if it is near the time of the next dose than it is better to skip. It is advised to not double the dose.

Suitable storage for Xanax 1mg

Store Xanax 1mg at room temperature and away from light. It is necessary to keep it in a moist place and away from children reach. Properly waste Xanax when it is expired. Do not place this medication in bathroom o near pets and children.

Look out for these symptoms

Dizziness, increased saliva, and drowsiness is one of its common symptoms; others are changed in sexual drive. If any of these symptoms occur it is necessary to consult your doctor. To reduce the dizziness it is advised to get up slowly when rising from a seat or lying. If you are suffering from serious side effects like hallucinations or suicidal thoughts or loss of coordination tell your doctor right away. If your eyes are turning yellow seek medical help.

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